Hitting the Taco Jackpot at Pistolero’s

Houston Press - Pistoleros
By Kaitlin Steinberg
September 5, 2013

It didn’t occur to me when I first sat down at the sparkling, copper-tiled bar; heaved a sigh for my long, arduous day; and ordered a drink that it was anything other than a normal evening. The chic space was filled with people happily munching on chips and queso and sipping margaritas. A soccer game was on TV. I was tired and hungry and not in a good mood. The guys next to me were perusing the menu, discussing the pros and cons of each taco, and though I was feeling less than social, I considered it my duty to interject.

“Are you trying to decide which taco to have?” I inquired. “You pretty much can’t go wrong. I’ve tried them all.”

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Houston Press

taco and tequila bar Montrose
By Mai Pham
June 28, 2013

There’s something about Pistolero’s, the new taco and tequila bar in Montrose that took over the Nabi space on Westheimer, that oozes cool. I’m talking the bad boy, Javier Bardem, “No Country for Old Men,” kind of cool that spoke to me immediately when I stepped through the doors. “You can hang out here for hours,” it said to me. “You will want to come back here often,” it whispered.
“Yes,” my subconscious answered instinctively. It didn’t matter that their tacos were the kind that you go home raving about, or their cocktails the kind that light up the camera for that great Instagram photo. I was already sold, even before I found out about their fantastic happy hour offering: Two tacos for $5 — Oh. Yeah!

The regular price for a taco is $3.95, or four for $14, and 10 for $30. That drops down to almost half price from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, and it’s a steal of a deal, cheaper and bigger than taco truck fare, and seriously gourmet.

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Houston Chronicle

By Greg Morago
May 19, 2013

How wise is it to open a taco and tequila joint in between the venerable Hugo’s and the mega-Mex El Real on a restaurant rich stretch of Westheimer?

Very, if you’re Shawn Bermudez, owner of the new Pistolero’s Mexican restaurant in Montrose. The retailer/restaurateur had eyed other locations for his new restaurant/bar concept but when the space formerly occupied by Nabi came available, he threw his sombrero in the ring. The result is an eye-catching and sophisticated tribute to agave juice and corn tortilla glories.

“This is a perfect fit on so many levels,” Bermudez said. “I live in the neighborhood and I want to draw attention to Montrose.”

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Culture Map – Houston

mexican restaurant on westheimerBy Darla Guillen
May 8, 2013

The man who is taking aim at a new Mexican restaurant on Westheimer that could compete with the Anvil (Clumsy Butcher) group’s enclave of bars and restaurants has now opened a shrine of sorts to a gunman, or rather, a pistolero.

Pistolero’s is Montrose’s newest bar-slash-restaurant from already-established retail clothing shop and bar owner Shawn Bermudez, of Royal Oak, Boondock’s, Pavement, The Golden Grill and Koagie Hots fame.

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Houston Eater

8553797255_bf6c504e99_bBy Eric Sandler
March 13, 2013

Royal Oaks/Boondocks owner Shawn Bermudez gave Eater a tour of his two latest projects yesterday. Set to open next month in the formerly occupied by Nabi, Pistolero’s is a tacos and tequila concept that aims to bridge the gap in price and atmosphere between El Gran Malo and Cyclone Anaya’s. Coming in June, Stone’s Throw is a bar in the former Liquid space adjacent to Boondocks that will serve Texas craft beer and American spirits. Bermudez provided details on both spaces, which he is completely transforming.

The transformation at Pistolero’s begins in the dining room, where Bermudez has added new brickwork and reclaimed wood to provide a rustic feel. He also removed the office/closet that was adjacent to the entryway, which opened up the dining room and allowed the installation of a large booth along the wall. The wall adjacent to the entrance and the eastern wall will also be lined with booths that Bermudez plans to upholster in black. Although the bar’s position remains, the structure has been completely rebuilt and will be topped with copper-colored mosaic tile. That will reinforce the dramatic, copper-covered entryway that now fronts the restaurant.

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