Hitting the Taco Jackpot at Pistolero’s

Houston Press - Pistoleros
By Kaitlin Steinberg
September 5, 2013

It didn’t occur to me when I first sat down at the sparkling, copper-tiled bar; heaved a sigh for my long, arduous day; and ordered a drink that it was anything other than a normal evening. The chic space was filled with people happily munching on chips and queso and sipping margaritas. A soccer game was on TV. I was tired and hungry and not in a good mood. The guys next to me were perusing the menu, discussing the pros and cons of each taco, and though I was feeling less than social, I considered it my duty to interject.

“Are you trying to decide which taco to have?” I inquired. “You pretty much can’t go wrong. I’ve tried them all.”

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